Gain valuable insights

Get the insight you need from a successful Business Intelligence implementation.


Through consultation we are able to gain valuable insights into your business operations.

These insights will provide us with a thorough understanding of your unique requirements and will drive appropriate decision-making processes.

Understanding your business will ultimately ensure a successful Business Intelligence implementation, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Strategy Consulting

We will assess your current infrastructure and business processes in order to determine the best Business Intelligence strategy for your business.

Project Delivery

We will ensure timely Project Delivery with ongoing, hands-on Project Management.


Once we have a clearer understanding of your current systems we will recommend a Business Intelligence infrastructure to suit your specific needs.

Training and support

Your team will ultimately be able to independently manage your Business Intelligence solution.

Our aim is to identify areas of need within your business, understand your specific requirements (based on your current infrastructure) and improve your business performance in the shortest time possible.

We will ensure maximum return on your Business Intelligence investment.

If you have a Vision We will help you to
turn it into reality


mavenBI consulting is primarily focused on executive and upper management levels
in the manufacturing, retail and professional services industries.