Easily deployable and accessible, our unique reporting tool, PracMan Pro is easy-to-use and does not require additional learning.

mavenBI prides itself in delivering insight like never before, through the power of Business Intelligence and three dimensional reporting. 

Through PracMan PromavenBI offers an integrated full suite of reports, extracted from your underlying time and expense software, that will assist you in managing your practice with ease. Added to this, the information is securely housed and maintained in the cloud, making it secure and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Why you need

PracMan Pro

Built for performance

Scalable, powerful and feature rich. The reporting platform is world class and easily scalable.

Cloud access

The reporting platform can be accessed from anywhere on any browser-enabled device. No software installation is required, simply open your browser, login and enjoy the power of mavenBI reporting.


We pride ourselves in delivering the metrics that matter. As a result, we limit the consultative, bespoke approach which can add to the cost of the project, by delivering a core reporting pack. Should you require additional reporting, it is at your discretion.

Power made easy

Our self-service BI reporting tool handles extremely large data sets with ease. Complex formulations remain behind the scenes, providing users an extremely intuitive, easy-to-use, and interactive experience.



Do less of that!

Analyse and reduce write offs and eliminate low margin projects.

Cash is king!

Get on top of cash flow by minimising work in progress and debtors.


Understand your business at a glance.

Keep doing more of that!

Identify top partners, resources and departments within your practice.

Who's your daddy?

Identify key clients and reward high performance resources.

Upward trend?

Use historical information to better understand the health of your business all in one platform.

Informed business decisions at a glance

mavenBI – using market leading technology to make the complex appear simple.